Lois Lynn Nehdar (Barkema)

Lynn was 31 years old when she passed away on September 22, 1999.
She will always live in my heart.

Lynn at 2 years of age in Cardenas, Canal Zone. 1970

Lynn wearing her Panama dress that her Grandma bought for her. 1970

Lynn in the sugar cane fields in Maui. 1994

Lynn and Howard on a beach in California. 1995

Lynn on her wedding day. You look so beautiful in this picture Lynn. 1995

Lynn and Howard on their wedding day. 1995

Lynn and Howard with my Grandson Kyle. 1999

You were my first born Lynn. I remember the day we brought you home from the hospital. You were such a good baby. When you were 16 months old we had your sister Kimberly Eden. You tried so hard to take care of her and you were so little at the time. You insisted on pushing her around in her baby carriage when we went for walks. Before you turned two we started going to the store together to get you some animal crackers. This became a daily ritual. Something we shared together. When you were two and a half you and your sister disappeared from my life. It took me 26 years to find you again. By then you were married. I searched every telephone book I came across. Then the computer came along. I bought a CD set with 80,000,000 U.S. phone numbers on it to try and track you down. I didn't have anything to use the CD on at that time. I used a friends computer to view the CD. I knew that you may be married and you would be hard to find if you were. I ran a search on your uncle because I knew he would not change his name. The last time I saw him was in Torrence, CA in 1970. This was now 1996. Now I lived in Port Townsend, WA. God must have wanted me to find you because I found your Uncle on the CD and he only lived 50 miles from me in Redmond, WA. My heart started beating fast and I got real nervous but I knew I had to make that call. If I found you, would you remember me? If I found you would you even want anything to do with me? So much had happened since I saw you last. You were two and a half years old. Now you would be 28. I called your Uncle and he remembered me well. He also said he knew where you were and would call you and tell you that night. I couldn't sleep after that. The next night you called me. I could not believe it. I had finally found you and knew that I would find your sister through you. How would she feel about it? You surprised me on the phone when you said you wanted to come and see me. Nine days after that call you were sitting in my house in WA state. You brought your wonderful husband Howard with you. The wait at the airport was unbearable. Our first meeting after 26 years. You welcomed me back into your life and into your heart. I will never forget this. You and Howard had already made plans to go to Hawaii. You both changed those plans so that you could come and see me. I knew then that Howard was a special person. I missed you and Kimberly so much. There was an empty space in my heart. I wrote a song about you both in the 1970's. It was called "No One Calls Me Daddy Anymore". I had it made into a record. I gave you a copy of the record when I found you. You even remembered the trips to the store that we used to make together to get animal crackers. Through you I was able to meet your sister Kimberly again. I found out that I had two Grandsons through Kimberly. Two years later you made me a Grandfather again when Kyle was born. You invited me to visit you at your home in CA. Since then I have made several trips to CA to see you and Kimberly. Your sister also welcomed me back into her life. I love you both for letting me into your hearts again. Lynn, when I found you two, I swore I would never lose you again. I never counted on this happening. I love you Lynn. I always will. God please make it stop hurting.

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